SOS Watch Me

SOS Watch

SOS Watch Me is a technology-driven organisation committed to improving the safety and well-being of society’s most at risk people. This includes people with impairments, seniors, and clients recovering from surgery that are living alone. By leveraging advanced technology, SOS Enjoy Me intends to give these individuals with the support and care they need to live safely and pleasantly in their own homes.

At SOS Watch Me, we give our customers with a variety of watch alternatives to fit their certain demands. Our clients have the versatility to choose the package that finest fits their private scenarios. In addition, we have a team of experts that are available 24/7 to check the system from our modern command facility, making certain that our customers get the highest degree of service and support.

If one of the customers is knotted in an emergency situation, our team will arrange the necessary aid to conserve a life. The device contains an integrated modern technology that finds a fall which notifies the emergency reaction service. The customer should be using the gadget at all times, or else the system will not spot the event.

During an emergency, arranging your aid can be a difficulty. Thinking about that the client will be in distress, the scenario needs extra techniques to rescue the client. To access assistance throughout a crucial time, customers will certainly trigger the tool and organise an instant remedy. The command centre will certainly assist in ideal aid or liaise with the calls depending on the magnitude of the incident.

Support can be given via direct communication, law enforcement, or medical solutions. The technique of treatment required to solve the emergency situation depends on its nature. Our group is readily available all the time to team up with the person in need and promote the most efficient intervention after performing a comprehensive analysis.

SOS Watch Me recognizes that particular individuals have conditions that cause bleeding. If they experience a loss without instant aid, they are at danger of fatality from excessive blood loss. We expedite security methods in order to protect the lives of those with clinical problems.

The senior population make up a significant section of our society, and sadly, they are a lot more susceptible to dropping. In many cases, these incidents might not be attended to promptly, which is why we have actually applied 24/7 tracking systems to make sure that aid is constantly readily available when needed. This way, we can respond rapidly and possibly save lives.

A multitude of individuals have actually obtained a diagnosis of degenerative illnesses. This puts their safety and security in danger, necessitating the implementation of technical procedures to ensure their well-being. Home caregivers might not be economically possible for them, making security tools the single option.

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